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New Door Opening in Hull, MA

Double S Concrete Cutting was recently over in Hull, MA working on a new concrete door opening for the basement of this house. While many people request a new door opening in the basement for emergency exit purposes and legal issues, sometimes it is just nice to have additional exits on the house for storage. Maybe even make a little outdoor patio!

Concrete Door Cutting Hull, MA

Although this door is not exactly the same as an egress door, it is certainly just as important. If you plan on refinishing your basement to turn it into a den or bedroom, laws require that you have an easy exit to the outdoors. Not only do you need the door, but you need other emergency related requirements like the door being separated by fire resistant material. It is always important to follow the law, especially when it comes to human life. In any matter, the first step in this process is getting the concrete cut. Call the concrete cutting experts today to learn more about our services. Whether your in Hull, Cape Cod or the Islands, Double S is here to serve you! 508-830-9955