The drawbacks of using concrete floors

concrete floorAlthough concrete has numerous benefits, concrete is not a suitable flooring material for every room. The following cons should be considered when choosing a concrete floor.


The durability and strength of material can at times serve as a liability. The floor made from concrete is so hard such that when you happen to fall, it hurts and might lead to serious injuries. If an item drop on a concrete floor, there is a likelihood of the item shattering or cracking. The floors can be troublesome in places where children and elderly people use.


The concrete material has a reduced insulating value. For instance, on winter mornings, the bare toes are likely to freeze if you step on the floor unless a radiant floor is used together with the concrete to keep the floor a bit warm. The problem can be dealt with by using carpets.

Moisture susceptibility

Proper care should be taken while sealing the concrete because moisture penetrates it easily especially if the floor is installed on a bare soil. Poor sealing results in moisture penetrating the floor and this provide a good environment for mildew and mold to grow thus weakening the structure. The moisture also causes expansion and contraction causing cracks to the floor.


When concrete floors get a buffing or are polished, their surfaces become so slippery and this can be a health hazard. Concrete in places such as kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms are more susceptible to this.

Environmental distress

A new floor would require a new production of concrete, a process which needs a massive expenditure of energy and produces significant amount of CO2. For those people who show a lot of concern to the environment, they can use bricks which are a good alternative for concrete.


You cannot stand on a concrete floor for so long due to its hardness. If you happen to stand on a concrete floor for so long, your legs and feet will have to pay a price.

Also during installation can messy and it requires a skilled labour do to the installation. House owners must read about what is precast concrete and what are its major uses to understand about precast concrete in depth.