One of the most popular reasons to cut concrete involve homeowners who are looking to convert their basement into another bedroom. Massachusetts State Law requires, within the state’s legal definition of a bedroom, to include “at least one window”. But what to do when the walls are made of concrete? That’s when Double S Concrete Cutting comes in. All you have to do is mark off where you want the window to be – for basements, this will usually be a three-sided cut right into the top of the foundation – and then give us a call at (508)830-9955 to come do the rest. Our decades of experience cutting concrete means you get fast, efficient service and most importantly, you get the job done right the first time. We will bring our top of the line equipment, including a state-of-the-art, diamond-bladed, track-guided wet saw, to get the job completed with minimal waste and no mess to clean up afterward. See why others recommend Double S Concrete Cutting by visiting our testimonials page.


Cut Concrete For Any Remodeling Job

If you are a homeowner looking to remodel and make improvements to your home, don’t let a little concrete stand in the way of transforming your home to the way you imagine it can be. Whether you are transforming your basement into a bedroom, expanding a single-car garage, or removing a retaining wall, we work regularly with homeowners and contractors alike to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and exactly to specifications. Contact us at (508)830-9955 to see why homeowners and contractors alike trust Double S Concrete Cutting to help get concrete cutting jobs done right.