cracked concreteThe specialists at Double SCC provides residents & businesses with concrete cutting services. We don’t pour concrete but one reason for all the work that we do is because this process is done incorrectly by other companies or handymen that do the work themselves.

A frequently asked question that we receive is from people wondering why freshly poured concrete cracks. If the concrete that got poured for you is cracking, did you receive a bad job?

When properly installed, concrete is one of the more durable products that you can use within your home. As long as your concrete contractor is experienced, like Double SCC, you shouldn’t have a problem. High quality concrete wont crack by accident, there are usually a few reasons why it happens.

Reasons For Concrete Cracking

1) Too Much Water in Concrete Mix: We recently wrote about what goes into concrete. For maximum strength concrete, not that much water is needed. A lot of concrete used within residential work has too much water. The excess water creates for an easier install process but it also creates a reduced strength.

2) Rapid Drying of The Concrete: Slabs of concrete that dry too fast will greatly increase the chances of cracking. The process which concrete takes going from liquid to solid requires water. Inversely from the previous point, not enough water will a dehydrated concrete.

3)  Wrong Concrete Strength: Concrete comes in a variety of different strengths. It is important that the concrete you pour is the right one.

Doing concrete work by yourself or hiring an inexperienced contractor, can lead to more problems that you had before. Double S Concrete Cutting is a family owned business with over 25 years of experience. For more information about how they can help you, please feel free to give them a call at 1-508-830-9955 or fill out an online contact form.