concrete blogWe work with it every single day and as a customer you look at it almost every single day. It is the foundation of your home and without it, building structures would be much more difficult. But how much about concrete do you really know? In this blog, we will talk a little bit about what exactly concrete is and where it comes from.

First off, there are many different types of concrete. The different types vary depending on the proportions of each ingredient used. Below are a list of the ingredients and given their proportions, the concrete can vary in strength, density or chemical and thermal resistance.

Aggregate: Large chunks of material, generally consists of coarse gravel, rocks, or granite, along with finer materials such as sand.

Cement: A range of materials can be used as cement for the concrete. A familiar option includes asphalt, as well as fly ash and slag cement.

Water: Water is then mixed with the blend of aggregate and cement. This produces more of a liquid-like solution that makes it easy for workers to shape. The water actually bonds with the cement to bring all the other components together as one.

Other reinforcement, chemical admixtures and mineral admixtures are also added to shape the specific concrete solution.

Depending on the proportions used to create the concrete, concrete is often used to build columns, decks, driveways, house foundations, walls and much more. This strong bond is what makes cutting into it very difficult. For more information on concrete and our services, feel free to give us a call at 1-508-830-9955 or fill out our online contact form.