Inexperienced and home handy men often have difficulties using a concrete saw to cut concrete. There are a lot of different options from early entry saw for flat work, wall saws for bigger cuts and handheld cutoff saws. For personal use, each saw has its performance benefits and price benefits. One thing all of these tools do have in common is their danger risks. If you just think about what these machines are made to do, use your imagination with what would happen if a concrete saw made contact with a softer surface. Therefore, safety is one of the most important issues to understand before picking up a saw.

Concrete Cutting Safety Issues

  • Before turning your saw on, be sure to read through it’s safety procedures. Every saw comes with this information and it’s important that you follow everything within the manual.
  • Be sure that all tools are unplugged before changing blades
  • It’s critical that guards are maintained and properly aligned on the saws.
  • When dry cutting concrete, silica dust can become a big problem. Silica dust becomes a major problem because it’s fine enough that it can be breathed deep into your lungs. This means that workers must be kept out of these dusty areas or they have to use respirators.
  • While using a saw, it is important to be aware of kickback. Kickback refers to the saw jumping back towards the operator. This can be dangerous and often occurs when using the upper part of the cutting blade or when a cut gets interrupted.

The number of concrete cutting safety measure that must be understood and taken into consideration goes way beyond our list above. If at all possible, always look into hiringĀ a professional. Double S Concrete Cutting offers a wide range of concrete cutting services to get your project done the right way and in an efficient manor.

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