Double S Concrete Cutting is happy to be located in Plymouth, Massachusetts and also to provide the residents and business’s with concrete cutting services. By square mileage, Plymouth is the largest town in the state and there are many homes in need of concrete, brick, stone or block cutting. Our services are used on a range of wants and needs. We provide:

Each concrete cutting technique and service has it’s own goal and job. A majority of our wall sawing jobs are used to create windows and doorways and residential basements. Homeowners are looking to expand space, finish a basement or create a new exit from the basement. Core Drilling comprises of cutting perfectly round holes through concrete or hard-surfaced walls. An electrician or plumber are common people in need of these services.

Bottom line, is that when concrete stands in your way between completing a task or job, we are the contractors to that will get the job done. With over 25 years of experience working in Plymouth and across the South Shore, we love what we do.

For more information about your current situation please feel free to give us a call at 808-830-9955.