Summer Projects and Concrete Cutting

Summertime is the best and most popular time of the year to work on your home, or outdoor landscapes. When the weather gets warmer it pushes you outside to recognize what your homes situation is. At Double S Concrete Cutting, we want to reach out to families and people working on walkways, basement revisions, patio work and much more.

It is often the situation that homeowners want to take projects on by themselves. Double S Concrete amends these people. One small situation when doing major work is that people often run into a situation where concrete, stone, brick and often difficult materials come in your way of completing a project. Upgrading that walkway or patio can’t be done with pulling up the old one first.

Double S Concrete Cutting specializes in working with concrete, brick, block or stone. Any of these can be difficult to work with if you don’t have the required, skill, experience and equipment. For further information about your current project idea and about how we can help, just give us a call at (508) 830-9955.