Concrete Cutting Services in Cape Cod

Double S Concrete Cutting remained very busy in February, as the majority of large home improvement projects require the cutting and removal of a concrete foundation before any other work gets underway. Getting the job done right the first time is a major step in having the rest of your home remodeling project go smoothly. Double S Concrete Cutting in Plymouth has been serving the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts area for over 20 great years.

Here are a few photos of recent concrete cutting work:

The first photo is of a 3×3 cut out in the concrete floor to create an opening for a load-bearing pad, which is critical in any constructive design. The second photo is a concrete cut-out for a crawl space, which can be used as a storage area or an area in your basement to install piping in a cost effective way. Lastly, we cut and dropped a concrete doorway opening to allow for an emergency exit in the basement, or this service can be sought after by a homeowner seeking a more convenient way to access their basement.

Whatever your concrete cutting needs, Double S can take care of it with top of the line service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. After all, that’s why the Double “S” stands for! Give us a call for all of your Concrete Cutting needs in Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and the rest of Southeastern Massachusetts. 508-830-9955