Concrete Cutting for Egress Basement Window in Weymouth, MA

Double S Concrete Cutting took a trip up north last weekend to help a homeowner in Weymouth, MA. This homeowner needed to install an egress window in their basement for a number of reasons. The first step when getting an egress window installed is to cut out a chunk of the concrete where the window will go, and that’s why we were called in!

The reasons for a homeowner installing an egress basement window ranges from it begin a necessity or someone just looking to reap its benefits. If you plan on having anyone or anything living in your basement, you are required by law to have egress windows, as well as an emergency exit to the outdoors. Some goes for homeowners that want to turn the basement into a family room of den, you must have exits! Egress windows offer other benefits such as a way to get fresh air into the basement, natural sunlight, added value to your home and overall just making your basement more comfortable.

If you are looking to install a window or door in your basement, give the experts at Double S Concrete Cutting a call to get you started! We even offer core drilling if you are looking to totally refinish your basement! 508-830-9955