Concrete Cutting for Basement Doorway in Plymouth, MA

Double S Concrete Cutting stayed locally yesterday working on a home in Plymouth, MA. This home owner was looking to add an alternate exit to their basement space in case of an emergency. Not only is it state law to provide an emergency exit in any type of living space, but it just makes common sense and could be the difference between life and death.

Even if you are only using your basement for storage or some sort of work shop for your tools, you never know when an emergency or accident will strike. It always pays to have a backup plan. Furthermore, if you are doing some work in your basement, it’ll be nice to have an opening to fresh air because we all know how stale a basement can get. Cracking this door open on a nice New England day will make your work experience that much better.

Double S Concrete Cutting has been serving the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts area for over 20 years for all of your concrete cutting needs. Whether its a large landscaping project outdoors or cutting out an egress basement window to turn it into a living space, we’ve seen and done it all. Give us a call to learn more about our services or to get a quote for your job!