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Mashpee, MA Foundation Wall

Double S Concrete Cutting was working out on Cape Cod in Mashpee, MA last week. We were taking down a foundation wall. Our wall sawing concrete cutting service allows us to tackle any full foundation removal job.

Wall sawing requires extreme precision, skill and high level equipment. With our air driven saw, we are able to mount it plum to a wall. This service and aspect of our business may require the most skill out of them all. This certainly cannot be completed by your average “Do it yourselfer”. Below we have included some images from our work down in Mashpee.

If you live in Mashpee or throughout the south shore, and need any foundation removal or concrete cutting services please feel free to give us a call at 508-830-9955.

Hanover, MA

Concrete Cutting in Hanover

Double S Concrete Cutting was in Hanover, MA recently opening up a wall. This wall was 16ft x 7.5 inches thick at triangle engineering. The process including cutting, dropping and removing all concrete materials.

Our wall sawing service provides precision cut door ways, windows, and spaces in walls.  Wall sawing requires experience, skill and high level equipment on hand.

For more information about Double SCC and our concrete cutting work please feel free to give us a call at 508-830-9955 or fill out a contact form.


Basement Door Concrete Cutting in Hingham, MA

Double SCC was in Hingham, MA recently, creating an additional basement exit. This is a popular concrete cutting job we have done for customers to sometimes create a second basement door encase of emergency or also for convenience. Many homeowners don’t understand that this is an option for them.

To get the job done, we use our wall sawing technique to remove thick concrete slabs and the cut we provide is extremely precise. This aspect of our business may provide the most amount of skill and expertise out of any of the others. This job should not be done by just anyone.

concrete cutting

Double SCC has been services Cape Cod and Southeastern, MA for over 20 years. We are you option for all of your concrete needs. Opening up your home, never felt so good! Give us a call at 508-830-9955 for more information about how we can help you.

Concrete Foundation Cutting for Pipes in Edgartown MA

Concrete Cutting for home renovations is Double S Cutting’s specialty. We can cut concrete, brick, and stone both carefully and precisely. Double S Cutting was asked to take on a job in Edgartown MA. The customer wanted to run pipes underneath their house’s concrete foundation.

We cut the concrete of the foundation and core drilled holes in the concrete to fit the pipes that needed to run under the foundation. The job was smooth, on-time, and affordable for the customer. That’s what we at Double S concrete cutting strive toward; on time quality work for an affordable price.

If you need concrete cutting services, call the pro’s at Double S Concrete Cutting today! 508-830-9955

image (3)

Basement Door Opening Concrete Cutting in Pembroke, MA

When this homeowner wanted a more open and accessible layout in his basement, He called up Double S Cutting to get the job done properly. We cut through huge amounts of concrete to create a new door opening and had to finish off the cutting with new concrete so the job was clean and properly finished.

When cutting concrete is in a home, you have to make sure you use professionals because of the possible hazards or compromises to the foundation of the structure. When you need concrete cutting, employ the best.

Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Projects in Brockton & New Bedford, MA

Double S Concrete Cutting Contractors continued working hard through all of that nasty heat and humidity that we had last week. We completed many jobs throughout Southeastern Massachusetts last week including a Core Drilling project at the locally renown Cock Wine & Tapas in New Bedford, MA. We also headed over to Brockton to work on a concrete cutting door opening project in order to enlarge the doorway.

There could be any number of reasons that you may need a concrete cutting door opening job at your home or business. Maybe for an emergency exit or maybe just in order to fit larger objects through. No matter what the reason is, the experts at Double S Concrete Cutting  are profressionals and can get the job done right the first time, and in a timely manor. Give us a call today to learn more about our Concrete Cutting Services in Massachusetts & Cape Cod.