With over 30 plus years of experience, Double S Concrete Cutting has endured so many different situations. Concrete as a whole isn’t as simple as it may look to the naked eye. There are so many dangers that you must be aware of if you plan on handling any concrete job.

Through our past jobs and the knowledge which we have accrued with just being in the concrete industry has allowed us to share with you some of the main dangers.

1) Concrete Dust: Cutting concrete is very dangerous and can several problems when dust appears. Sand and all the other materials within concrete contain amounts of crystalline silica. It poses direct risks to your lungs, eyes, furniture and other nearby equipment. Serious health and respiratory issues can develop so taking the right precautions is detrimental.

2) Sharp Blades: Since cutting concrete is difficult, you need to watch out for the blades, disks and out edgy cutting tools. Not handling the equipment properly can lead to serious injury.

3) Buried Pipes: Uneducated concrete cutters may cut into pipes or conduits buried within concrete. Before getting yourself into a project, make sure you understand precisely where any hidden wiring or pipes may be located.

There are many more risks and things to keep an eye out for when working with concrete. The dangers above are particularly to your home or personal self. On top of all these, there are technique dangers and specific things you need to do in order to receive the best results possible.

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