Concrete and cement are two words that are often used interchangeably because many people don’t know the actually difference between the two. While you currently may not be able to know the difference between the two, each has different components and they are used for different things.


There are a few different variations of concrete, depending on the proportion of each main ingredient used. Within concrete, is aggregate, cement and water. This is the first tip that these are different, as cement is used in the production of concrete. Concrete is often used in the development of buildings to help maintain structure. When used for buildings concrete is also mixed with materials such as rocks and bricks to straighten the bond.


Cement is developed by heating up limestone and other small materials in a kiln. Also used in the construction of buildings, the most common cement(portland cement) is a key part in bridges, dams, lighthouses, and more.

Concrete has a lower tensile strength then cement but the inclusion of rocks and other materials usually make it stronger.