Double S Concrete Cutting is happy to provide their wide range of concrete cutting services all throughout the Cape Cod area and specifically, Falmouth, MA. Falmouth is a beautiful town in one of the more iconic areas of Massachusetts. Homeowners who rent to vacationers and people who live their year round are always looking to improve the quality of their home. Through work on patio areas, or work in the basement, contractors and handy-men often fall into a problem where they can’t continue their jobs. They can’t continue because of concrete, or hard surfaces that get in the way.

We work with both remodeling contractors and homeowners of a range of specific services including:

A majority of our contractor work includes basement doorway and window cutting. Our wall saw allows us to finely cut the perfect area for extra light into the basement and extra space to get inside and outside. Many people who finish a basement start using it more and therefore want to access and leave it more frequently.