Double S Concrete Cutting is happy to provide their customers with foundation concrete cutting for new doorways and windows. Basements or cellars have been more often than not, dark and unused part’s of residential properties. They grow into that part of the house that unwanted or unused junk sits until it’s time for the trash.

After years of being ignored as a usable part of the home, people and families are starting to value a finished and accessible basement. A remodeled or expanded basement is a cost-effective solution to add extra living and family space.

The first step to expanding your basement is the creation of windows and doors. It is time to get some light and easy access into this new part of your home, and concrete cutting is the route to get it done. Many building codes require both a window and door in your basement to consider it safe enough as a living area. It’s important if you’re doing remodeling or repairs that your family is kept safe.

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